Sick of Having No Energy?


Wanna Be More Productive?

If You’re Saying “YES” and You Want Answers – Read On Carefully Because You’re About to…

Discover How to Supercharge Your Energy and Skyrocket Your Productivity Levels – Using 77 Proven Techniques that Simply Can’t-Fail!

Learn The Astonishing Secrets I Use to Build MASSIVE Energy Levels
and Be Super-Productive – Even Though I Get Up at 5.30am and
Don’t Go to Bed Till Midnight!

Dear friend who wants to feel energized and productive every single day,

If you currently struggle to get stuff done – and don’t feel like you’re living life to the full because you’re lacking ENERGY…

Please read this letter very carefully…

Because you’ll discover the secrets to:

  • Building incredibly high energy levels – that never dip during the day – without using coffee, stimulants, sugar or toxic ‘energy drinks
  • Becoming so productive you’ll get more done in a week than you used to get done in a month (no joke)

Imagine waking up at 5.30am (without the use of an alarm clock), stretching for 10 seconds and then jumping out of bed ready to attack the day…

Feeling energized and enthusiastic.

Imagine being so productive that ‘getting stuff done’ becomes easy – and more money (and happiness) just seems to flow your way… even though you’re not pushing yourself as hard, or using as much effort as you used to.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

But listen.

I know what it’s like to have NO energy and get very little done in a day. Because that used to be how I lived my life.

And it sucked.

But then I made some discoveries and EVERYTHING changed…

My energy levels skyrocketed…

My productivity shot through the roof…

It changed my life.

Here’s the Good News:

The ‘Energy and Productivity Secrets’ I discovered will work for you too. Heck, they’ll work for anyone!

So if you’re sick and tired of feeling ‘as flat as a pancake’ and not living your life to the max – read on and I’ll show you how to quickly and easily turn it all around…

“How I Went From Being a Lazy Fat Bastard who Could Barely Work 4 Hours a Day – to Being More Productive Than a Billionaire!”

These days I can truly say I’m living my dream.

I spend most of my days writing blogs, answering emails and doing 1-on-1 consultations with men who want to improve their love lives.

I teach men how to give their women mind-blowing PLEASURE in the bedroom!

It’s a pretty cool job (if you can call it that).

And it allows me to live the lifestyle I desire…

I play golf every Saturday, hit the gym 3-4 times a week, practice martial arts at least once a week – and spend plenty of time hanging out with my girlfriend, family, friends…

And, the love of my life – my daughter.

Crazy thing is…

I get to do all that – while still doing all the stuff necessary to run and grow my business.

I’m seriously productive.

Of that there can be no doubt.

I’m not saying it to brag. It’s simply the truth.

In fact, my business partner tells me I’m easily the most productive person he’s ever met

High praise indeed – especially coming from a guy who’s worked with Jack Canfield (the creator of the Chicken Soup for Soul book series. They’ve made over a billion dollars from it, and counting).


I wasn’t always the super-productive and massively energized human being I am today. My energy and productivity levels didn’t happen by chance.

Several years ago I was a 205lbs lazy fat bastard who couldn’t get anything done.

Honestly, I used to wake up at 8.30am and hit the ‘snooze’ button on my alarm clock at least 15 times, before reluctantly rolling out of bed (usually when my Mum forced me to get up! How’s that for radical honesty?)

Then, once I was up, I’d find as many excuses as I could to not start work. (My Mum used to say it was ‘a result’ if I did anything productive before 11am).

To make matters worse, I used to find ways to STOP working as early as possible. A 3pm finish was normal.

I was working about 4 hours a day.

And 3 weeks out of 4 I’d find a way to skive off work on a Friday too.

Bottom line?

I was fat and lazy…

I had no energy…

I barely got anything done…

And, as you might expect – my bank balance was nothing to be proud of.


“How the heck did I go from being so unproductive and lazy to getting more stuff done in a month than most people manage in a year?”

Well, the truth is that one day I snapped, decided I’d had enough of the dismal way things were – and began a mission to turn my life around.

What followed was a journey that led me to the discovery of a wealth of ENERGY and PRODUCTIVITY secrets that have allowed me to transform myself from being a lazy loser – to being a ‘Guru’ who’s well respected by his readers and colleagues from across the globe!

“3 of The Very Best Energy and Productivity Secrets I Know…”

Right here, right now, let me show you 3 of my favorite ENERGY and PRODUCTIVITY secrets.

For free.

Given that I’ve got HUNDREDS of these energizing, life-changing gems – it was pretty difficult to narrow it down to just 3.

In the end, I settled on some little-known strategies that work immediately – as soon as you ‘em.

Here they are…

Secret #1:

Destroys Those ‘Mid-Afternoon Blues’ and Horrid Energy Crashes
In An Instant

Ever experience those mid-afternoon energy slumps?

You’ve been working hard all day, then, all of a sudden – there’s nothing in the tank.

Usually happens around 3pm.

Your eyes feel heavy… you can’t focus… you just wanna go to sleep!

Annoying, isn’t it?

Great News:

The fix is EASY…

Shame your Doctor won’t share it with you (but I guess he can’t share what he doesn’t know).

Anyway, here it is…

  • Take half a litre of water (500ml)
  • Add ½ a tsp of Himalayan Salt
  • Add a slice of Lemon
  • Drink it down

Immediately ‘brings you back to life.’

It’s the ultimate ‘pick me up.’

100% healthy too.

No caffeine, sugar or stimulants required.

Secret #2:

Makes You ‘Sleep Like a Baby’ – and Gives You Awesome Energy

Most people switch off the television sometime between 10pm and midnight – and walk like Zombies to the bathroom…

Take a leak…

Brush their teeth (if they remember and have the energy to do so)…

Then crash into bed.

Some need sleeping pills to ‘nod off’…

Others take forever to get to sleep…

And some people wake up several times throughout the night.

The result?

Poor sleep quality.

A struggle to get up in the mornings.

Low energy and productivity throughout the day.

And so the cycle continues.

One of my best ‘sleep tactics’ – that’ll make you sleep like a baby – is to develop:


Instead of just throwing yourself into bed hoping you’ll sleep well – you do a few simple things that GUARANTEE it.

Here’s my sleep routine – feel free to ‘steal it’ 😉 …

  • Turn off your television, computer and mobile phone 1 hour before bed
  • Get a warm shower
  • Mediate for 5-10 minutes
  • Clean teeth

Pretty damn simple.

Ridiculously effective.

Helps you to get to sleep EASILY…

Sleep throughout the night without waking up…


Ensure you wake up effortlessly (without needing an alarm clock) – completely full of energy and ready to attack the day!

Secret #3:

Sets You Up to Enjoy Massive Productivity Every Single Day

You might think of me as some crazy workaholic that starts working as soon as I get up.

You might imagine I chain myself to my laptop and start typing like a madman before I’ve even had chance to visit the bathroom or look out the window to see if the sun is shining.

But none of that is true.

Listen up.

You cannot be SUPER-PRODUCTIVE unless you treat your body and mind correctly.

A huge part of treating your body and mind correctly is developing a ‘Morning Routine.’

This morning routine takes about 20 minutes and sets you up to experience the highest levels of ENERGY during the day that you possibly can.

Needless to say…

It’s that energy that fuels your PRODUCTIVITY.

And guess what?

A good Morning Routine doesn’t involve coffee, toast, breakfast cereals (or any of the other stuff people can’t wait to consume as soon as they get up).

Here’s a few of the things I do in my Morning Routine:

  • Drink 1 litre of water (because water is at least 10X as important as food)
  • Do some simple exercises that get my body and mind ready to perform at their highest level
  • Take 30 deep breaths using a very specific breathing pattern – this gives me ENERGY and DETOXIFIES my body at the same time

Honestly, there are 4 or 5 other things I do in my Morning Routine. And I explain them all for you, in detail, in my new program Unlimited Energy.

Let me tell you about that right now…

“A Wealth of Incredible Techniques and Strategies that’ll Give You UNLIMITED ENERGY and Send Your Productivity Levels Skywards…”

Several months back I sent an email to some of my newsletter subscribers asking if they’d like to learn my secrets to MASSIVE energy and productivity.

While I expected a good response…

The level of response I actually got was mind-bendingly amazing.

HUNDREDS of people took the time to ‘hit reply’ and write me back. And for that I’m very grateful.

Out of the 576 people who responded – only 1 guy didn’t want to learn my secrets.

Of the 575 positive responses I got, one common theme stood out like a sore thumb…

People feel like they’ve not got enough ENERGY… and they feel like they’re not able to get anywhere near as much as they’d like done in a day.

If you’ve read this far…

I’m sure you can relate.

You almost certainly want more energy and you almost certainly would like to double, triple or even quadruple your productivity.

Given the great demand to learn my energy and productivity secrets – I decided to sit down and take my very best techniques and strategies and turn them into a program that anyone can use to:

  • Skyrocket their energy levels
  • Supersize their productivity
  • Avoid mid-afternoon crashes
  • Get up earlier and go to bed later (without burning out)

The program is called:

“Unlimited Energy”

Here’s a More Detailed Look at Just Some of What You’ll Discover In The “Unlimited Energy” program:

  • The #1 Productivity Secret on Planet Earth – know this and becoming super productive and achieving anything you desire is as EASY as taking candy from a baby
  • The 7 most toxic, energy-crippling, productivity-destroying food ingredients you probably eat every day – without even realizing it (eliminate them from your diet and prepare to feel your energy levels EXPLODE)
  • The little-known productivity and success secret ALL multi-millionaires and billionaires utilize on a daily basis (it’s so obvious you’ll kick yourself for not figuring it out sooner!)
  • 2 powerful things you should drink every day if you desire vibrant health, UNLIMITED energy and a brain as sharp as a Samurai’s sword (the fact that both of these 2 drinks are 100% natural, quick-and-easy to prepare and taste GREAT makes enjoying them on a daily basis a total ‘no-brainer’)
  • My #1 strategy for better sleep and monstrous energy levels (less than 1% of people know about this)
  • A secret 3-minute exercise routine that’ll instantly revitalise and energise you – it requires no equipment and can be performed anytime, anyplace
  • The ultimate technique to ‘fast-track’ your way to massive success, in any field you like (it’s so simple and effective it literally can’t-fail)
  • The ugly truth about ‘Multi-Tasking’ and the dangerous effects it has on your productivity and energy levels (this definitely isn’t what you think)
  • 9 simple, yet highly effective stress-busting strategies – use one or all of ‘em and you’ll immediately lower your stress levels (and simultaneously increase your energy and productivity)
  • Transform Your Life In A Way You Never Imagined Possible…

    There is incredible value in Adam’s new Unlimited Energy program. As he quite rightly says – energy is life. And when you infuse yourself with an abundance of energy and productivity the way Adam teaches… your life, your relationship, your bedroom intimacy and everything you do, will simply transform in a way you’d never quite imagined.

    Lloyd Lester, Love and Relationship Coach


  • How to avoid a very common energy-zapping mistake at least 76% of regular exercisers make 3 or more times a week (Great News: avoiding it is dead-simple and will give you instant energy)
  • How to triple or quadruple your productivity levels – and make feelings of overwhelm and anxiety vanish in an instant – using nothing more than a pen and paper and a simple exercise that’ll take you less than 30 seconds a day
  • The truth about the remarkable health benefits of the sun – and how to use it to give you ENERGY (without having to worry about sun burn or skin cancer)
  • How to make those irritating, productivity-crushing ‘mid-afternoon energy crashes’ a thing of the past (using a simple technique that’s guaranteed to work every single time, without fail)
  • The #1 Superherb on Earth for SAFELY and NATURALLY increasing your energy (without the ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ caused by toxic stimulants and caffeine)
  • An ancient breathing practice that detoxifies and energizes your body in less than 3 minutes a day (you’d be crazy not to give this a try because it’s just so quick, easy and effective!
  • The 3 types of food you should eat if you want maximum energy and productivity levels – plus… radiant health, incredible resistance to illness and the libido and sexual performance of a Adult Film Star
  • A proven strategy that enables you to STOP doing all the boring, shitty little time-consuming jobs you do every week – that eat up hours of your time and energy – and start focusing on what you WANT to do… instead of what you feel you have to do (this is easily in my top 3 productivity secrets of all time – yet 99% of people never do it)
  • How to effortlessly melt away your stress levels and become more ENERGETIC and PRODUCTIVE than you’ve ever been – using nothing more than a powerful Chinese Superherb that’s got 5,000 years of proof behind it!
  • The 4 foods you must eat A LOT of if you want the very best energy and productivity levels a human being is capable of possessing… (crazily enough, these 4 foods are great for vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike)
  • Unlimited Energy is stunning!…

    This book is not only informative – it’s transformative! The depth Adam goes into in Unlimited Energy is stunning. If you apply even 5% of the energy techniques Adam outlines for you in Unlimited Energy – you’ll send your energy and productivity levels skywards. The best part is – even though you get 77 awesome techniques… Adam explains them all in a simple and very to the point way – meaning you can use them immediately.

    Cowboy Don Tolman, The Wholefoods Medicine Man


  • Why eating 75% of your food in a very specific, highly unusual way will send your energy levels into the stratosphere. (Friendly warning: it’s not how most people eat their food, so you might get some funny looks)
  • A simple technique you can use in the shower that’ll increase your energy levels, stimulate your immune system and make you tough as nails (sounds weird, but top Olympic Gold Medal Winning Athletes have used it for decades)
  • Exactly how much water to drink every day – and what kind… get this right and God-Like energy and productivity levels will be yours (get it wrong and you’ll likely feel as energized as a dead-body!)
  • The greatest ‘Nutrition Strategy’ ever devised… use it to skyrocket your energy and productivity levels in double-quick time, without depriving yourself of any of your favorite foods
  • Why sitting down too much can literally send you to an early grave – and what to do even if your job requires you to sit down for extended periods of time (DO NOT IGNORE this tip if you value your health and energy and productivity levels… and certainly do not ignore it if you want to live as long as possible!)
  • How to deal with toxic and broken relationships that stress you out and drain your energy (thankfully the solution isn’t as tricky as you might think and will remove significant stress from your life – leading to an instant and massive increase in your energy levels and productivity)
  • The 7 best carbohydrates that’ll give you even, steady, all-day-long energy (they’re not what most people eat – but they do taste great 😉
  • How Dr Norman Cousins ignored the Specialists ‘6 Months to Live’ prognosis – and healed himself with LAUGHTER (and why this is hugely important if you want superior energy and productivity levels)
  • What to eat within 3 hours of bed to help you sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed, energized and super-productive (this is in my top 3 ‘sleep strategies’ of all time)
  • A secret food the Ancient Chinese Daoist Masters used to consume to protect themselves from illness, increase energy and activate mental genius (as little as ½ a tsp a day can remarkably increase your productivity)
  • Get Whatever You Want In Life…

    There is no more important factor in life’s success than your capacity to take consistent action, fueled by unlimited energy. This is where almost everyone falls down… most are just too tired to do what it takes to succeed. I’m in the business of helping personal growth teachers market themselves and have read tons of self-help books on every possible aspect of success. This book and it’s wisdom stand apart from all the rest. Adam teaches you everything you need to know to get whatever you want in life with Unlimited Energy

    Rod Steele


  • The very best exercise you can do to increase energy, improve productivity, help get rid of joint aches and pains and build strength fast (the facts that even 10 seconds of it can be beneficial and that it can be done absolutely anywhere is ‘the icing on the cake’)
  • What you should know about cooking your food if you want massive energy and productivity levels (it’s almost certainly not what you think)
  • Why ‘city-life’ is a huge drain on your energy levels – and how to stay energized and productive even if you live (or spend a lot of time in) a big city
  • One of the best stress-relieving, energy building exercises known to man (the fact that it might also save your life is a huge bonus)
  • 5 words to eliminate from your vocabulary if you want to supersize your productivity levels and start getting more done (honestly, these 5 common, every day words make life seem difficult, kill your passion and enthusiasm and cause your energy and productivity levels to plummet. Stop using them NOW!)
  • How to think in a way that guarantees success (I’d bet my bottom dollar this technique will change your life forever)
  • 2 things you must avoid doing before you go to bed – because they’re virtually guaranteed to make you sleep badly and feel tired and unproductive the next day (shame over 50% of the population make these 2 mistakes on a very regular basis)
  • What you should do in the first 2-3 hours of your work day if you want to enjoy the most productive, successful days possible (it’s the exact opposite of what 85% of people do, yet it’s one of the greatest productivity secrets of all time – known and used by the uber-rich from all over the world)
  • What you must do 4 times a year, for 3 days at a time – to ‘recharge your batteries’ and become incredibly productive (another secret of the truly rich)
  • Why you must meditate every day if you want to be incredibly productive (and how to do it without getting distracted or feeling self-conscious or silly
  • If You ‘Want It All’ – Get Unlimited Energy…

    As a female CEO, social entrepreneur and Mother, I know that women have to have three times the energy of men to succeed in this world and “have it all.” In Unlimited Energy, Adam Armstrong finally provides ambitious women (and men) with the practical advice they need to meet the challenges that modern professional people face every day. Congratulations on a superb book … I strongly encourage any person who wants “it all” to read and heed Adam’s excellent advice.

    Veronica Jones, CEO, Social Entrepreneur


  • The one thing you must ‘find’ if you want to instantly increase your energy levels, become amazingly productive – and be truly happy (if you do only one thing from the entire Unlimited Energy program – make it this!!!)
  • How to truly ‘let your mind run wild’ – think BIG – and get so productive each and every day that your friends and family will label your life ‘a masterpiece’
  • The most important goals you need to set yourself (they’re likely NOT what you think – but they’ll skyrocket your productivity in the blink of an eye)
  • How to deal with bad situations in a way that’s positive, empowering, uplifting and energizing (and avoid allowing them to drag you down and cause you to become unproductive)
  • A secret Japanese word that’ll revolutionize your productivity levels and might just triple or quadruple your income in a year or less (this is one of the top 10 energy and productivity strategies in the entire Unlimited Energy program – of that there can be no doubt)
  • 5 things you must have in your work environment if you want to get as much done as possible, as quickly as possible (the fact none of these 5 things will cost you a penny makes this strategy a ‘no-brainer’)
  • How to learn to touch type – at an impressively fast rate of 50 words per minute or more – by practicing for just 5 minutes a day, for 15-30 days (if you work at a computer, want to be super-productive, and can’t touch type – this advice might be worth THOUSANDS of dollars to you a year)
  • Why ‘rewarding yourself’ can give you energy and help you to become more productive (and how to do it sensibly, without bankrupting yourself in the process)

And a whole lot more!

You’ll also Get An Awesome Bonus…

When you invest in the Unlimited Energy Program today you’ll get an awesome bonus. Here are the details…

Bonus #1:

“How To Get Rich Without Even Trying…”

While money doesn’t make you happy – it does give you options.

It allows you to SAVE and INVEST (so you can ensure your financial future even when the economy ‘goes bad’).

It allows you to treat yourself and your loved ones to the things you WANT, but don’t necessarily need….

Always nice.

Of course, when you have plenty of money – you can also buy the house of your dreams, go on fancy holidays whenever you like…

And you can live a DEBT-FREE lifestyle… without the stress and hassle of having to keep up with mortgage payments, endless credit card bills and so on.

Basically, you can ‘live it up’ – and not spend all your time living ‘month-to-month’… just getting by and paying the bills.

In this special bonus, I’m going to show you
7 things rich people do that seem to make them money without even trying

Don’t get me wrong…

Some effort is required to make money and get rich.

But if you do these 7 things – you’ll be able to make as much money as you desire, while using a lot less effort than the guy busting his ass to make $15,000/year.

“How To Gain Unlimited Energy, Become Massively Productive – and Get Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams… Financially, Sexually and Physically!”

Energy is life.

Energy is POWER.

Energy allows you to make the most of your time here on Earth. It’s the FUEL required if you want to be massively productive and get shit done.

Sure, you can FAKE energy for a while…

Using caffeine, sugar and stimulants…

But that ‘fake energy’ never lasts – and the longer you rely on it, the more and more you need of it just to maintain the same effect.

And that’s really BAD NEWS because caffeine, sugar and stimulants are TOXIC and they’ll slowly but surely destroy your health and vitality and make you ill.

Not what you want.

Think about it…

With Great Energy You Can Move Mountains and Make Hugely Positive Changes In The World…

You can achieve all that you desire.

You can be exactly the kind of person you wish to be.

You can make all your hopes, dreams and aspirations come true.

You can help others.

And that’s a beautiful thing.

Wanna be rich – with more money in the bank than you know what to do with?

No problem – as long as you have the ENERGY to be productive enough to make it happen.

Want the body of your dreams?

Not a big deal – so long as you have the energy to do the workouts necessary to build that kind of physique.

Here’s the thing to keep in mind…

When you invest in the Unlimited Energy program you’ll learn 77 astonishing secrets that are quite literally guaranteed to send your energy levels skywards and make you unbelievably productive.

How Can I Be So Sure of The Power of These 77 Energy
and Productivity Building Secrets?

For 3 reasons:

  • Because I’ve learned many of them from some of the most successful people on planet Earth – absolute leaders in their fields
  • Because I use them all personally – and my energy and productivity levels are ‘off the charts’ (a million miles away from what the ‘Average Joe’ can even imagine)
  • Because I’ve shared these techniques and strategies with friends, family and my 1-on-1 coaching clients who pay me hundreds of dollars an hour for my time.

And the result is always the same – they use the techniques and their ENERGY and PRODUCITIVTY levels shoot forwards like a Japanese Bullet Train speeding out of Tokyo


“How Can You Be Sure
the ‘Unlimited Energy’ Program
is Right For You?”

If you already have as much ENERGY as you desire and you’re already the most ultra-productive person you know – you might not need this.

If you always wake up feeling refreshed and energized – and you never experience those God awful ‘mid-afternoon energy crashes’ – you might not need this.

If you’re already as rich as you desire… financially, sexually and physically… you might not need this.

However, if you have any one of the following problems – I highly recommend you get a copy of the Unlimited Energy program.


If you have MORE THAN ONE of the following problems – problems that ruin the quality of your life, won’t ‘fix themselves,’ and will almost certainly get worse with time – I suggest you invest in a copy of the Unlimited Energy program immediately:

  • You rely on caffeine, sugar and/or stimulants to give you energy throughout the day
  • You struggle to get up in the mornings and it takes you ages to feel properly awake
  • You drink 2 or more cups of coffee a day
  • You constantly feel like there’s never enough time
  • You sometimes find your energy crashes in the middle of the afternoon
  • You’re not as productive as you’d like to be
  • Your energy levels are never consistent
  • You sometimes feel STRESSED and aren’t sure what to do about it
  • Your ‘sexual energy’ isn’t as good as you’d like it to be

Honestly, you and only you know whether or not you need the Unlimited Energy program.

If you’re already a supremely energetic and productive person – and you get your energy NATURALLY, without relying on caffeine, sugar or stimulants – that’s great

And I encourage you to leave this page and keep doing whatever you’re doing.

However, if you reading this letter and you’re thinking the Unlimited Energy program could change your life – I encourage you to TAKE ACTION and click one of the “Order Now” buttons below to secure your copy today.

It’s your choice.

Choose wisely!

Industry Best 60 Day,
100% Super-Satisfaction or Your
Money-Back Guarantee

To make it a total ‘no-brainer’ for you to invest in Unlimited Energy – I’m offering you my industry leading power guarantee.

Here’s how it works:

Honestly, though – you’re gonna love the Unlimited Energy program.


Because it’s gonna give you the techniques you need to skyrocket your energy levels, become supremely productive – and turn your life into a masterpiece…

Financially, physically and in your personal relationships.

My generous money-back guarantee simply allows you to invest in the Unlimited Energy program RISK-FREE.

Because your money is safe.

All the risk is on me.

You’d be silly not to give it a try!

“Here’s Proof that The Techniques
In the Unlimited Energy Program
Are Devastatingly Effective”

Before you invest in the Unlimited Energy program, perhaps you’d like rock-solid, concrete PROOF that it works.

Well, here it is…

Yesterday I woke up at 5.30am, stretched like a big cat waking up from a power nap – then got out of bed.

I did my morning routine, fired up my laptop at 6am and started work…

By 9am I’d typed over 5,000 words (the final 1/4 of the Unlimited Energy manuscript)

This meant that by 9am – the time most people are rolling into work –I’d already created 25% of a new product that’s gonna help THOUSANDS of people from all over the world to improve the quality of their lives in a major way 😉

Next up, I fixed myself some breakfast, then hit the gym at 10am.

After 45 minutes of intense strength training – I came home, showered and ate breakfast with my daughter.

Around 1pm I got back on my computer, and worked on various projects – including writing 4 new blog posts and making a video.

This took me to 3pm – where I got on the phone with my business partner and we had our once a week, hourly meeting.

At 4pm I took a break and did a little gentle exercise.

Come 4.30pm I was back at it – this time answering emails.

By 6.25pm I’d answered 379 emails and I was done ‘working’ for the day.

Next up…

Dinner, bath my daughter – help my girlfriend put her to bed.

By 8pm I was slipping on my golf shoes at the range, ready to practice my swing and launch some 300 yard drives.

Got home for 10pm, showered, went to bed – spent some ‘quality time’ with my girlfriend – and went to sleep sometime before 12.

That’s A LOT of stuff in one day. And it’s typical for me to do that much.

How did I do it?

By using the exact same energy and productivity secrets I’m going to teach you in the Unlimited Energy program.

Trust me…

If I ate what most people ate, exercised how most people exercised, was as stressed as most people are stressed and thought how most people think – I’d be SCREWED…

Wouldn’t be able to do even 10% of what I do in a typical day.

The Bottom Line is Very Simple

If you want UNLIMITED energy and you’d like to be massively productive – order a copy of my Unlimited Energy program right here, right now, today.

Then, even if you only use 5 or 10 of the 77 proven techniques in the program – I promise you this…

You’ll send your energy and productivity levels through the roof and you’ll turn your life into a masterpiece.

Of course, you could leave this page without taking action and carry on as you are… But if you do that you’ll experience the…

Same energy levels that are LOWER and more INCONSISTENT than you’d like them to be…

Same inability to get out of bed in the morning…

Same need for caffeine, sugar and/or stimulants throughout the day…

Same 3pm ‘energy slumps’…

Same feelings of overwhelm and irritation because you constantly feel like you’re under-achieving and not getting as much done as you’d like.

Ultimately – It’s your call.

All I can say is this…

You live once.

Make the most of it.

To make the most of it – you need ENERGY.

It’s a simple as that. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a complete moron!

Prices WILL Go Up In:

PDF Ebook

Unlimited EnergyTM


I understand that I’ll receive:

  • The Unlimited Energy PDF EBook
  • An awesome Bonus

I know that the PDF is going to show me:

  • How to naturally increase my energy levels
  • How to become much more productive

And I’m also aware that:

  • I’m covered by your 60 day money-back guarantee
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Unlimited EnergyTM

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I understand that I’ll receive:

  • The Unlimited Energy PDF EBook
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I know that the Online Course and PDF are going to show me:

  • How to naturally increase my energy levels
  • How to become much more productive

And I’m also aware that:

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  • Access to the Unlimited Energy ‘Watch Online Video Course’
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I know that the Unlimited Energy video course is going to show me:

  • How to naturally increase my energy levels
  • How to become much more productive

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Wishing you truly massive energy and productivity levels each and every day…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

Master Sex Coach and trusted ‘Energy Guru’ 😉

P.S. If you’re sick of never having enough energy and not getting as much done as you’d like… I want you to know that it has nothing to do with your sex, age or race.

You can have amazing energy and productivity levels no matter who you are or how tired and unproductive you might be right now.

To send your energy levels through the roof and become as productive as a billionaire – all you have to do is use the 77 simple, proven energy and productivity techniques and strategies you’ll find in my Unlimited Energy program.

The techniques and strategies in Unlimited Energy allow me to get up at 5.30am, wide awake and ready-to-go… kick-ass until midnight… and get more shit done in a day than most people achieve in a month.

No joke.

To experience life at its fullest potential – and make your wildest hopes and dreams a reality – you need ENERGY.

Because energy is what will make you super-productive.

If you want to be rich financially, sexually and physically – you must have at least 10X the energy the average guy has right now.

Most people are on their knees, lacking energy – relying on dangerous substances like caffeine, sugar and stimulants to get ‘em through the day.

Don’t be like that.

Get Unlimited Energy, use the 77 proven techniques and strategies and become a Superhuman version of yourself

Full of energy.

The guy who makes stuff happen and gets shit done.

It’ll cost you less than 100 bucks and it’s backed by my 60 day, 100% satisfaction or your money-back guarantee.

So you have nothing to lose.

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PDF Ebook

Unlimited EnergyTM


I understand that I’ll receive:

  • The Unlimited Energy PDF EBook
  • An awesome Bonus

I know that the PDF is going to show me:

  • How to naturally increase my energy levels
  • How to become much more productive

And I’m also aware that:

  • I’m covered by your 60 day money-back guarantee
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Unlimited EnergyTM

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Online Video Program

I understand that I’ll receive:

  • The Unlimited Energy PDF EBook
  • Access to the Unlimited Energy ‘Watch Online Video Course’
  • An awesome Bonus

I know that the Online Course and PDF are going to show me:

  • How to naturally increase my energy levels
  • How to become much more productive

And I’m also aware that:

  • I’m covered by your 60 day money-back guarantee
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Unlimited EnergyTM

Online Video Program

(Instant Online Access)

I understand that I’ll receive:

  • Access to the Unlimited Energy ‘Watch Online Video Course’
  • An awesome Bonus

I know that the Unlimited Energy video course is going to show me:

  • How to naturally increase my energy levels
  • How to become much more productive

And I’m also aware that:

  • I’m covered by your 60 day money-back guarantee
Full Price: $97

Your Price$67

What People Are Saying About
The Unlimited Energy Program…

Sleeping Better and Getting More Done…

I know Adam well and was fortunate to get one of his early ‘Review Copies’ of Unlimited Energy. After reading it I was amazed at the depth of techniques and strategies on offer in the program. Better still is the fact that since using just a handful of the techniques in the program I’m now sleeping better, for fewer hours – and I’m getting a lot more done each and every day. Simply because I have more energy! Highly recommended. 10/10

Jeff Newman, Business Owner

An Expert On Human Performance At Every Level…

My friend Adam Armstrong proves once again that he’s not only an expert on sexual performance but really an expert on human performance at every level. He proves it in his latest project “Unlimited Energy”. Much of what we need to do in order to be at our absolute best is right there before our very eyes…but how many of us actually DO it? Adam brings everything into focus for you in a down-to-earth, actionable way. Brilliant!

Scot McKay, Dating and Relationship Coach

Jam-Packed Guide to Producing Your Absolute Best…

Adam Armstrong does it again—BOOM!—and this time it’s all about Energy! Unlimited Energy is the most comprehensive, resourceful, simple, straightforward, jam-packed guide to feeling, looking, and producing your absolute BEST! Get it. Read it. Do it. Live a Life you Truly Love.

Ellen McCarty, Business Coach

Taken Things To A Whole New Level…

Hey Adam. Thank you so much for writing Ultimate Energy. I was the guy who needed to lay in bed for about 90 minutes looking at social media before I started my day. One time my co-worker said to me “Matt. You’re so damn slow in the morning. You talk slow. You move slow. You think slow”. Ouch. So your book was a blessing. I’m already drinking your smoothies and practicing your sleep strategies… and the differences are instantly noticeable. Today I woke at up at 5:30. Five, freaking, thirty! As I write this it’s 11:24 PM… I did 14 hours of work today! Incredible! Oh… and I thought I was eating a good diet, but man, you’ve inspired me to take things to a whole other level. There’s so much I was missing! Thanks for everything Adam.

Matt Cook, Copywriter and Marketer

Become a More Energetic, Productive and Sucessful Person…

If you want more energy you simply have to read Adam’s new Unlimited Energy program right now. With the help of many unconventional, yet surprisingly effective methods, Adam will show you clearly how to transform your energy levels and help you become a more energetic, productive and successful person.

Jack Grave, Relationship Coach

Prices WILL Go Up In:

PDF Ebook

Unlimited EnergyTM


I understand that I’ll receive:

  • The Unlimited Energy PDF EBook
  • An awesome Bonus

I know that the PDF is going to show me:

  • How to naturally increase my energy levels
  • How to become much more productive

And I’m also aware that:

  • I’m covered by your 60 day money-back guarantee
Full Price: $47

Your Price$27

Both: Best Value

Unlimited EnergyTM

PDF EBook +
Online Video Program

I understand that I’ll receive:

  • The Unlimited Energy PDF EBook
  • Access to the Unlimited Energy ‘Watch Online Video Course’
  • An awesome Bonus

I know that the Online Course and PDF are going to show me:

  • How to naturally increase my energy levels
  • How to become much more productive

And I’m also aware that:

  • I’m covered by your 60 day money-back guarantee
Full Price: $127

Your Price$77

Watch Online

Unlimited EnergyTM

Online Video Program

(Instant Online Access)

I understand that I’ll receive:

  • Access to the Unlimited Energy ‘Watch Online Video Course’
  • An awesome Bonus

I know that the Unlimited Energy video course is going to show me:

  • How to naturally increase my energy levels
  • How to become much more productive

And I’m also aware that:

  • I’m covered by your 60 day money-back guarantee
Full Price: $97

Your Price$67